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Red-Fern Media: A truly amazing place to work

Loving where you work is important for all parties involved. Nobody wants to go to bed at night and dread the sound of the alarm for another day at an awful workplace, do they? Likewise, no business owner wants a team of disgruntled employees and a miserable atmosphere around the office. Having a happy working life can have many benefits for both parties involved.

The importance of loving where you work is reflective in the results that are produced by your team, the level of team morale and your reputation. We all have that friend who hates where they work and everybody knows about it, right? Well, if you are friends with any of our amazing team, we could bet our last pound on you never hearing that about Red-Fern. 

That’s because Red-Fern is an incredible place to work - FACT. Don’t just take our word for it though - we’re bound to say that, but listen to what our employees have to say about what working at Red-Fern is like and what makes it such a good place to work. 


We’ll cover:


The importance of loving where you work

As the old saying goes, “if you love your work, you’ll never work a day in your life” - and in our opinion, there’s never been a truer word spoken. It’s important that you not only enjoy where you work but physically love it. At Red-Fern, that’s something we take very seriously and care about - all of our team are incredibly passionate about their fields of work. 

When you love where you work, you automatically work harder. And when you work harder, better results are produced and productivity levels are increased dramatically. Whereas, if you’re miserable at work, or your mind is elsewhere, you’ll see that your productivity and standard of work falls. 

Of course, there’ll be times and days where you’re not super-productive. After all, we’re only human and we realise that things happen. But if you love what you do, you’ll naturally be more motivated to get things done. Motivation within your workforce is crucial. If your team becomes unmotivated - it can be very hard to turn that around and rectify things. 

Demotivation will lead to deliverables not being completed on time - which will lead to a poor standard of work and an unfavourable reputation that can prove hard to turnaround. 


Why we love where we work

Marketing agency life is sweet - everybody knows that. There are not many roles that you can turn up to work day in, day out and have completely different days, is there? Personally, I love working with a wide range of clients. In the morning, I could be working alongside a quarterly campaign based on industrial floor cleaning and in the afternoon posting about CBD oil - it certainly keeps things fresh and exciting. 

At Red-Fern, the culture is great. In fact, it’s one of our core values and factors we take pride in. We’ve worked hard to establish a fun, unique culture that all of our team members are on a level with. This helps us attract like-minded people and ensures that as a team we’re always working on the same page.

red-fern a truly a amazing place to work

By all upholding the same cultural values, it means that we’re always working together towards the same goals and objectives. With that joint approach, it means that the level of collaboration the team can uphold on client projects is great. Within a digital agency, if all facets and different channels can dovetail and work together, all work is aligned and will effectively reach goals and objectives quicker.


Our flexible approach

At Red-Fern, we operate with a huge onus on a flexible approach. Our team isn't expected to be in the office five days a week, all year round. Plus, they’re not expected to be logged on at bang on 9am for the working day ahead. We trust our team members to get the job done in whatever way that works for them the best. 

This has been heightened when working from home. We’ve realised that our team each have their way of working - and that’s fine! You just have to embrace it. It’s not about how you get there, a business’ approach can’t be too regimented, otherwise, you run the risk of this reflecting in your work.

A lot of agencies tend to be guilty of severe micro-management. This can leave team members feeling guilty for stepping away from their workstation for a short while, taking a little longer lunch or starting a little later than normal. At Red-Fern, we appreciate that everyone is different, so they’re going to have their ways of working. If you try to take that away from someone, you’re not going to get the best out of them, are you?


A team of highly-skilled professionals

When working alongside highly-skilled professionals, high standards rub off throughout the team. Working alongside talented, intelligent people is amazing for personal development. That way, the team that you’re in is forever getting stronger and better standards of results will constantly be evolving. 

You want to work at a place where the team is talented and experts in their fields, don’t you? If you’re surrounded by unknowledgeable people, it’s uninspiring. With that in mind, idea generation will be at an all-time low, and you’ll carry on churning out poor practices and one-dimensional work - this isn’t going to delight your clients, is it?

At Red-Fern, when working within a team of highly-skilled professionals, we’re confident that any of us can be relied upon to get the job done. So, if some of the team are on annual leave or busy on other jobs, we trust our wider team to get the job done at the same high standards. This empowerment allows our team to feel valued and equal to one another within our roles. 


“Work hard, play hard” mentality

While it’s important to knuckle down and make sure that everything is on point for our digital partners - it’s also important to be rewarded and have fun too. Within agency life, work can’t be too serious all of the time - otherwise, things start to get too heated, ideas become stale and creativity goes out of the window. 

work hard play hard red-fern

So, at Red-Fern, we realise it’s important for us to get together and have fun regularly. Whether it’s team nights out or activities for all the team to get involved with, everyone deserves the chance to wind down and relax. Plus, we recognise that our team of experts work hard, so they should be rewarded for all of their efforts. 


Do you fit into the Red-Fern culture?

As we said, our culture is important to us. It allows us to recruit like-minded individuals who’ll seamlessly fit into our team. At Red-Fern, we’re always on the lookout for new talent and fresh faces to strengthen our team. Could you be a good fit? Are you hardworking and passionate about your field of expertise? We could have something for you!

For more information on what positions are available, please get in touch with our team. We’re always on hand to answer any questions or queries you may have about the culture at Red-Fern. It’s an amazing place to work - and it’s time everybody saw why! So, don’t hesitate and get in touch today to register your interest.


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