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Red-Fern: Preparing future generations for fruitful careers

More and more businesses are taking the step forward to recruit apprentices. Not only will this future proof your business for the problems of tomorrow but it’s also giving eager future generations the chance to shine, grow and learn. 

Apprenticeships can often be overlooked and can be deemed as another restrain on current workloads - but let us tell you, they’re an investment! It’s not all about putting time aside to mentor another person. It’s all about revitalising your company culture, bringing a fresh perspective to the team and building top talent.

Not only that, the benefits of doing an apprenticeship are fruitful. From learning on the job and getting paid (bonus!) to receiving recognised qualifications. It's the perfect opportunity to learn and gain experience all at the same time.

So, how do you utilise apprenticeships if you’re short on time in your business? What are the benefits of investing in future generations? Well, let’s just say, after this, you’ll probably be on the hunt for an apprentice! We’ll cover everything you need to know in this post.

We’ll cover

The benefits of hiring an apprentice

Employers today are now realising the benefits apprentices have to an organisation, 73 percent of employers say that staff morale is improved by having an apprentice - we couldn’t agree more!

An apprenticeship allows an individual to study for a work-based qualification. This can significantly improve an individual’s career prospects and enjoyment. 

If you’re an employer looking for an apprenticeship or you’re wanting to excel in a work-based environment, both sides of the spectrum can benefit. It’s a match made in heaven!

Culture cache

The perks of recruiting a fresh member to the team means no previous bad habits have been learnt. You can train an apprentice to suit your business needs and goals. You can train an apprentice to align with your company culture and communications and they can become your ideal employee! No bad habits - just a thriving candidate keen to learn.

Tailor their educational program to business needs

Is there a social media campaign you need to launch? Allow your apprentice to work on REAL LIFE tasks. Not only will this save you time but you’ll also gain a fresh perspective and the apprentice will learn real life skills that can be used for further employment. 

74 percent of employers say that apprentices improved products or service quality, so it’s a no brainer. Who knows, they could think of a new idea or process that could take your existing processes and products beyond what you could ever imagine. It’s exciting!

Inspire a culture of self-development

New candidates bring new knowledge, a fresh perspective and they free up existing time. Apprentices can bring a positive attitude to the workplace which can have a knock-on effect on existing staff. By embarking on an apprenticeship, they’re showing that they’re keen to learn and bring ideas to a company - this can spark a need for development among the whole team.

Even 86 percent of employers said that apprentices helped to develop relevant skills for the organisation. Not only will this improve your overall productivity but investing in this self-development will help your business in the long run.

Our approach to hiring apprentices

At the beginning of 2021, we recruited our first apprentice here at Red-Fern. This was an exciting step forward for us and it was one way we KNEW we were going to develop as a business. Aaliah has joined our marketing team bringing a wealth of excitement and eagerness to learn. We’re so grateful for her continued hard work and enthusiasm.

We wanted you to have a little insight into what Aaliah thinks about the apprenticeship so far... “My apprenticeship so far has been challenging but really rewarding and fun!”


Overlook all areas of the business and help with every activity

As with many apprentices, they get the chance to overlook every area of the business and they can be there to assist with ad-hoc requests. At Red-Fern, our client base is growing exponentially so we’re always working on new projects (it’s pretty cool). 

But, if someone in a particular department is struggling to achieve a task or meet deadlines, that’s where an apprentice can step in and help.

Side note - you don’t need to feel guilty about assigning tasks to apprentices. They are there to work in your business. Not only will they provide support but dealing with ad-hoc requests is a great chance for them to build independence and problem-solving skills.

Become an expert in a chosen field

As part of our company culture, we encourage everyone to be an expert in their own field. Whether that’s content marketing or website development, if we’re all experts in our own way, we can come together as a powerful collective.

So if an apprentice is unsure of what they want to pursue a career in, we can help them become an expert in their area of interest.

We understand that carrying out an apprenticeship can be daunting. So allowing the individual to choose their own area of expertise doesn’t just offer value to us as a team but it also allows the individual to feel valued within the company. After all, our team is what makes us unique.

The benefits of doing an apprenticeship

Are you unsure of what to do after school or college (even if you’re a uni graduate)? Are you wanting to find your feet in employment and learn key skills? An apprenticeship might be for you. Not only will you learn and earn on the job but the transferable skills you’ll gain will be VALUABLE for future opportunities.

More so now than ever, companies thrive off individuals who have a wealth of experience and can adapt to different work environments. So, this can be just one small perk of doing an apprenticeship. But of course, let us share some of the other key positives.

Earn while you learn

We all LOVE having money! It’s obvious and learning and earning isn’t just something to dream about, it’s a reality as an apprentice. You learn new skills, you'll develop transferable skills and you then come out with a recognised qualification - WOW.

Gain real work experience

Yep, real work experience. You’ll find what works for you, gain an inside view of what you don’t like and have the experience under your belt to apply to a new role in the future. This is what sets you apart from those who study but don’t have the advantage of gaining valuable experience.

Improve your employability 

Employers want to know what you can bring to their team. They look at your previous experience as well as your qualifications. They love candidates who have learned on the job and have skills that can be applied to their existing organisation. Here at Red-Fern, we love it when people have knowledge and creativity but we LOVE employment experience! 

After reading this, do you think you might benefit from an apprentice? Great! We wish you all the luck with proceeding with this new rewarding adventure. Remember, they’re an investment. Give them hands-on experience in your business and don’t hold back.

Are you wanting to embark on an apprenticeship scheme? Awesome news! Don’t let anything hold you back. Connect with companies, speak to your local training provider and be prepared to experience real-life work with the added bonuses.

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