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Red-Fern: We're helping restore the planet with our Ecologi forest!

If you could make one small, positive change per month, week or year what would it be? Would you aim high and help contribute to saving the planet?

Our collective home is important and the climate crisis is by far one of THE most crucial topics we all need to be talking about going forward. At Red-Fern, we're passionate about helping manufacturers become sustainable, we’re a completely paper-free business and we’re pledging as a team to reduce our carbon footprint, by making small changes to our everyday lives.

In this post, we'll cover the who, why and what of our partnership with Ecologi. We're going to explain our vision for the future and share some of the exciting achievements we've accomplished so far. We're taking a step in the right direction and we can't wait to share more!

We’ll cover:

Who are Ecologi?

Ecologi was created to help people like you, take on the climate crisis and do your bit to make a positive impact. They're aware that our collective home can't save itself and the disastrous effects are preventable with our help.

They empower people to make the right changes and they provide the right solutions to make a lasting impact. If we ALL supported the correct climate solutions, it’d be successful enough to undo 30 years of carbon damage by avoiding 1,500 BILLION tonnes of CO2.

Ecologi are focused on repairing nature and they've already responsibly planted over 30 MILLION trees and counting. Helping the climate crisis can seem daunting and it can be difficult to know where to begin, but Ecologi makes it accessible and easy for everyone. 

The team at Ecologi get to work from the moment you sign-up. They compensate for your carbon footprint, use your money to fund climate projects, you can set eco goals and all of this is captured on your profile. From the projects you've contributed towards to your very own forest full of trees - we have to admit, that makes us smile!

Every single month, Ecologi will put your money towards supporting a range of carbon reduction projects (certified to a high level by Gold Standard or equivalent). As well as carbon reduction projects, Ecologi also enables people to plant trees across the globe.

One of the best tools to tackle the evergrowing climate crisis is to plant trees and reduce temperatures from rising above 1.5C. With their vast array of tree planting partners, Ecologi can guarantee that their partners can plant millions of trees a month on their community’s behalf - SO amazing!


Red-Fern Partnership


Why are we partnering with Ecologi?

We're passionate about manufacturing, technology, SaaS, collaboration, innovation and the future. At Red-Fern, we know that nothing is possible without the preservation of our collective home. Although we understand that things can't change dramatically overnight, we do understand that small habits and changes add up over the long term.

We're in a solid position to expand our initiatives and continue to give back. We're passionate about the future and to continue doing our successful work, we need our collective home. We've joined Ecologi so we can learn more about nature, carbon reduction and the climate crisis. In turn, we can help contribute to restoring the planet. 

Sean Redfearn, Managing Director said…

“Whilst Red-Fern is a business that operates in the digital space we want to contribute as much as possible to initiatives such as Ecologi, allowing us to work towards becoming a Carbon Neutral Business. Businesses that are online sometimes think they are unable to contribute to green initiatives. Carbon offsetting is perfect for online businesses”.

Ecologi is an interactive, visual and research/evidence-based platform. We can see where our money is going, we know we're making an impact and we're contributing to projects that matter. We wanted to make a positive impact and Ecologi allows us to collectively do that as a team. 

It's without a doubt that this is a rewarding feeling seeing our Red-Fern forest grow and see the projects we're a part of - it inspires us to keep working hard. Every month, 85% of our budget for Ecologi goes directly to funding planet-saving projects. These can include wind power generation in Vietnam to preserving the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil.


What are the climate contributions we've made so far?

So far, we've been a climate positive workforce for 2 months, we've offset over 10 tonnes of CO2, we've planted 25 sparkly trees AND we've planted over 100 REAL trees - 402 to date! HOW INCREDIBLE! This is just the beginning of a very rewarding movement.

As widely understood across the globe, reforestation is a major natural climate solution. Seeing our Red-Fern forest grow is a great feeling. It's visual, we receive image updates and we can also educate ourselves on the projects that matter along the way. We get a real insight into how we're making an impact.

Our journey has begun to become a Carbon Neutral Business and we love keeping track of our climate contributions. So far, our monthly funds have contributed to wind power generation in Bac Lieu Province, Vietnam and preserving the Amazonian rainforest in Brazil. It might sound crazy, but it's true! Our contributions add up over time. Let’s just say, this is the first of many achievements to come, we can’t wait! 

Here is a snapshot of our climate contributions so far. Remember, this is growing and will change month on month.



The future of reducing our carbon footprint

The future is ours to shape and we're excited to see where we'll go. Partnering with Ecologi is just the beginning alongside our paper-free incitatives. Small changes add up and we're ready to empower that going forward. We've strategically chosen the environmental organisations we'll partner with to ensure our efforts fund the world’s best climate crisis solutions and reforest the planet.

Although as a team we'll be conscious of our climate impact overall, we'll also be selectively working hard to make our own small changes every day to create long term habits. 2022 is the year we challenge ourselves for a greater future. Are you ready to join us on this journey as we make small, positive changes for a more sustainable future? Great! Come along with us as we learn, grow and give back.


Prepare your business for the future with the help of Red-Fern!

Are you ready to take your business to the next level? Investing in climate change initiatives can build on your brand image, reduce business costs, increase your revenue and MORE. We've the expert team, experience and solutions to help you and your business grow for the future.

If you’re a B2B manufacturer or a SaaS company that needs to understand the path forward for 2022 and beyond - get in touch with us today!

As we hit milestones in our climate change contributions, we’ll receive badges, certificates and more. If you follow us on social media, you’ll be the first to know about our achievements and our climate change initiatives. Let’s get social, see you on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram!


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