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Starting a new role while working remotely: Weird or the new-norm?

Have you been accepted for your new role but you’re having to do the onboarding remotely? Firstly, congratulations! Secondly, this can be a daunting move and it can incur a few challenges along the way but that’s why we’re here to help you.

2020 saw one of the biggest behavioural changes and that was remote working. For many, they have had to go through remote onboarding and have had to continue to work from home and adjust to the new norm. 

According to the Office For National Statistics, since last year, nearly half (46.6%) of all those in employment did at least some work at home. So that means, 1-you’re not alone and 2-you can do this!

Rest assured we've had various new recruits join us remotely! In this post, we’ll get their take on remote onboarding and then we’ll share our top tips with you to ensure you feel relaxed, confident and ready to adjust. Are you ready to embark on this new journey? Let’s do it!

We’ll cover: 

Our “remote recruits” view on their onboarding

Summer -- Creative Designer

Summer Whittaker Red-Fern Media

“It's great to be able to have the opportunity to be interviewed and hired in the comfort and safety of your own home given the circumstances! My top tips are: maintain a routine, allow yourself breaks away from the screen, and if you can, separate your life and workspace at home to keep balanced.”


Aaliah - Digital Marketing Apprentice

Aaliah Buckingham Red-Fern Media

“I was nervous to start my new role remotely, not only because I’d have to meet everyone through a screen but because it was my first professional job! My top tip would be to get dressed and ready, just as you normally would to go to work. It may sound like a really simple thing to do, but the thought of staying in your PJ’s all day becomes incredibly appealing!”


Luke - Senior Account Manager

Luke Rossall Red-Fern Media

“It was strange starting a new job remotely especially as building relationships both with clients and members of the team is a really important part of being an Account Manager.

Luckily, the team are all a friendly bunch so they helped me to settle in and the weekly quizzes we did were a huge help too. My top tips are: get involved with any virtual social gatherings and when it comes to client meetings, I would strongly suggest having your camera turned on for any video calls so that they can put a face to the name (and voice). This helps to build trust and rapport which are essential in delivering results and forming long term partnerships.”


Jess - Content Marketer

Jessica Ward Red-Fern Media

“I was nervous to join Red-Fern virtually but in the lead up to their onboarding, I was given the correct tools and information to help me feel settled. My top tips are: try your hardest to achieve a work-life balance (rest is productive too), get dressed for the day and have a schedule of tasks to tick off but be realistic about your expectations.”

We hope that hearing their takes on remote onboarding has helped you feel confident and open-minded about the future of remote recruitment. It can be daunting but our team has thrived in this space thanks to our commitment to make them feel supported and appreciated. 


Our 5 top tips for succeeding with remote onboarding

Working from the kitchen table? Thinking of wearing your ‘WFH outfit’- Business On The Top & Party On The Bottom? Let’s bring things back a bit and focus on the basics...

Be yourself

You are enough and being yourself is the greatest way to gel with members of your team. You got the job, relax, act professional and have fun. Actively introduce yourself to members of the team, don’t shy away from speaking to others (even over email) and don’t let remote working dampen who you are. Most importantly, be patient – both with yourself and with your coworkers. 


Have a designated workspace

If this is your first time working remotely, get your workspace set up so that you’re ready to go on day one. Feeling prepared will help with confidence and any nerves you have! It can be tempting to work from the couch but this isn’t always a productivity-booster.

You might choose to do the more focused tasks at a desk and then choose to relax on the sofa whilst attending Zoom calls. Wherever you choose to work from, ensure it works for you. Remember, your workspace needs to be comfortable and free from distractions - when you have your workspace ready, even the 3pm slump won’t know what has hit it!


Ask questions

Unsure of something? Ask questions and stay curious. Remote work is new for most of the workforce, so chances are someone in the team may have experienced this before. Save yourself the trouble and just ask - asking questions shows that you’re focused on getting things right and you’re keen to learn.


Have a routine

Like you would any normal job, get up, get dressed, prepare for the day ahead and be ready to start. Take breaks, learn when to switch off at the end of your working day and be strict with yourself. It’s tempting to sleep-in, work overtime or even sit in your PJs but being professional and on-point during these times will help you in the future. 


Be prepared

Calm your nerves by being prepared for your new adventure! Ensure you have the correct equipment at the ready, do some research about your new company (you may know a fair amount about them because of your interview prep) and upskill yourself by completing some free online courses. By being prepared you’re already one step closer to achieving the best work you can!


Don’t let remote working prevent you from progressing your career!

We understand that worry and uncertainty are very common during this time but one thing we can promise is that our focus here at Red-Fern always remains the same. We may be onboarding remotely at the moment but that won’t get in the way of us providing top-quality service, innovative marketing strategies and forward-thinking web-design solutions for your business.

Onboarding remotely hasn’t put us off searching for the best talent to benefit our ever-growing team. If you’re interested in learning a little more about us or you think you would fit well within a digital agency, we have created a free guide! Grab your copy today and learn about our unique company culture and core values.

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