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The importance and impact of our manufacturing digital partnerships

The impact of our manufacturing digital partnerships has been mind-blowing. Whether that’s going above and beyond our client needs or developing our team to meet the demand. We’ve always had our fingers on the pulse of the industry. 

Our previous and current partnerships are helping change the future of manufacturing. Our expert team is working hard every day and with 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry - we can’t be shy with our expertise.

But why are our Red-Fern’s partnerships so important and pivotal? Well, it’s simple. Our partnerships create change. But how? In this post, we’ll cover our specialism, our previous partnerships and how we can help businesses in our sector.


The Red-Fern manufacturing specialism

Manufacturing has naturally become our specialism when it comes to digital partnerships but we’re certainly not limited. Although we’ve got 30 years experience in this industry, it wouldn’t have been possible without our 20 dedicated technology and marketing experts.

The manufacturing industry makes up over 17 percent of the total UK economy - that’s a large chunk. But with that in mind, we’ve worked hard to develop our partnerships and put our stamp on the ever-growing industry. 

The UK is also the ninth largest manufacturer in the WORLD. That’s not only a strong driving force but it’s also made up of individual businesses trying to find their way through it all. It’s important to add, these businesses are from all different backgrounds and are all different sizes. 

Some of them are start-ups and some of them are well established. But how do they meet their overall business objectives and succeed? That’s where we’ve levelled up and stepped in. To help businesses explore the avenues of manufacturing success.

It’s proven that businesses are looking for help in this industry. Especially when it comes to tech. 81 percent of businesses within manufacturing admit that they’re ready to invest in new digital technologies to boost productivity.

We’ve worked with a selection of leading businesses to help them skyrocket their technology and marketing efforts - here’s some of the companies we’ve worked with and the results of our partnerships. They’re exciting! 


Our previous partnerships: the results

Our previous partnerships have been pivotal in our manufacturing journey. They’ve shaped who we are today and no matter the size of the business, we’ve continued to go above and beyond for every partnership we’ve had.

Productivity in the manufacturing sector has historically been higher than in most other sectors of the economy. But with this increase in productivity, there also needs to be additional time guided towards technology and marketing advancements. Here’s some of the partnerships we’ve had.



manufacturing digital partnerships

We were first introduced to Apeks in 2014. Seven years down the line and our partnership has got even stronger. Their goals were to increase brand and product awareness, develop a world-class technology strategy and constantly invest in innovation. But their main goal was to position Apeks as a global leader in diving equipment. With this being said, we positioned this at the forefront of everything we did.

We created a world-class technology strategy for 15+ global websites, we designed and developed specific microsites for flagship products. And we of course, created an exciting immersive augmented reality experience. 

In 2021, we launched the digital strategy! Through high-level strategic design, thought-led global marketing and brand and buyer engagement strategies, we positioned their products at THE TOP of their industry. For point of sale, audience engagement and buyer connections - we continue to grow and develop with Apeks, it’s in our values. 

“To have a multi-discipline agency that we have complete faith in, and that is right on our doorstep, is a real luxury.” - Fiona Walker, Apeks Global Marketing Manager.


On The Level

Best manufacturing company websites

On The Level, a wet room floor specialist needed some help developing a long-term digital strategy. They reached out and we got working on achieving specific growth objectives over a term of five years. The partnership first began with a full digital discovery - this allowed us to develop a vision and live and breathe On The Level’s goals.

As a team, we chaired a series of discovery sessions. This allowed our digital strategists and marketers to understand their overall business value, vision and growth goals. The strategy was then presented and agreed upon. 

The outcome was a clean, modern website with strategic journeys. Immersive videos, detailed content with engaging calls-to-action, and SEO-focused thought leadership content. We orientated everything around engaging with target audiences within construction, architecture and retail industries. A true success!

“They were the first agency I have ever been in touch with that seemed to practice what they preach. I now see them as an extension of our marketing department” - Jessica Nicholls, On The Level Marketing Manager.



Red-Fern manufacturing digital partnerships

Morson was on the hunt for a digital partner for three months of work to help them deliver a new internal intranet. The goal was to not only close and transition their existing system but they also required a smooth transition - to help project their business processes forward for the coming years.

Once the wireframe was approved, we started development on the main system. This consisted of a document management system that allowed for fast search and retrieval of over 600 documents and much more - version control and update history.

After a number of discovery sessions, we worked closely with the Morson executive team to get to work on the initial wireframe. After testing and approval, we then presented the final outcome. The final outcome delivered was a fully mobile-ready device. Used by all 750 global staff members. This gave them full access and control to all company documents, processes, news and events. 

This system was built on the latest frameworks. That way, it’s destined for future success and any integrations that Morson wants to add can be adapted and added easily. Incredible news, Morson are now well-positioned to take their turnover from £700 million to their target of £1 billion.

“The team at Redfern went above and beyond at all times to ensure the intranet solution was nothing less than perfect. We are delighted with the end product” Sam Bowles, Morson’s Compliance Manager.


How we can help 

66 percent say that British people don’t understand the importance of manufacturing to the economy. And that’s where we come in and help businesses thrive.

The manufacturing industry is certainly guilty of neglecting its online presence. Especially when there’s so much going on. But with this lack of coverage, also comes a lack of customer understanding. 

However, the understanding of the manufacturing industry can be improved and that’s where we step in. With interactive technology, thought-led and strategic marketing and bespoke system development, learning and understanding has never been easier. Not only is this understanding crucial for customer engagement but it can improve brand presence and awareness too. 


Bespoke system development

The possibilities are endless when it comes to custom system development. Whether you’re wanting to develop your own app or streamline your sales processes with a CRM system or chatbots - we’ve got you covered.

Investing in the technology with the help of experts has never been easier and it could be what sets you apart from the competition. Put your business and brand forward and start developing with the help of our incredible team. It’s a must.


World-class website design

Over 68 percent of the manufacturing industry are planning on increasing their digital technology spend over the next two years. World-class website design is something that shouldn’t be ignored. A strong and well-supported website is the foundation of success. It’s a vital communication channel and it can sometimes be the make or break of a lead or sale.

If you’re looking for a bespoke solution, a user-friendly interface and a website that’s packed with useful features to streamline your processes - we’re here to help. We’ll live and breathe your business with you to achieve your goals. It’s simple.


Growth-driven marketing

Marketing is a form of communication and it’s vital. It needs to be thought-led and it needs to have a purpose. Without that, you’re missing out on the vital connections and customer leads.

Your content needs to be educational and it needs to be answering the questions of your customers as well as educating them. But where do you start? There are so many avenues to consider. But we know the ones which would suit you.

We know where to start and we know how to take things to the next level. There’s nothing to worry about, we’re here.


Red-Fern can help your business today!

We’re always on the lookout to partner with businesses from manufacturing backgrounds. Whether they’re established or just starting out - we’re always looking to work with businesses that want growth and expansion. We’re confident our expert team can always deliver what’s needed and more.

We’re actively looking for businesses that want to develop and grow. We’re about long-term partnerships and collaborations - we’re in for the long haul because that’s how amazing results are truly created.

If you’re looking to partner with a business that puts your goals at the forefront of the industry and you’re wanting to work with a team that listens and delivers. You’ve come to the right place. Get in touch with us today and get all the information you need.

In the meantime, check out the manufacturing website we’ve created. It covers our industry specialism and some of the successful manufacturing-based projects we’ve had the pleasure of creating. 

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