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Meet The Red-Fern Media Team - Part 4

As our month of blogging draws to a close, we meet the final team members here at Red-Fern Media. New addition Declan joined Red-Fern in January this year as the Digital and Inbound Marketing Executive. Web Developer Dan has been with Red-Fern since February 2016 and has been creating top-notch websites since.

Declan Walker - Digital & Inbound Marketing Executive

inbound marketing specialists - red-fern media

Declan heads into the Red-Fern office each morning, neatly dodging the gym, on the way to crush his task list. Having cleared the to-dos, his typical day involves preparing blog schedules, researching customers or reviewing content.

While he might side-step the gym, Declan jumped feet first into marketing. With a degree in Business Management and a relationship-building style, Declan is a natural fit as Red-Fern’s Digital Inbound Marketing Executive. He plays an integral role, managing client accounts and liaising with the team, to ensure we deliver effective digital and inbound marketing campaigns.

Looking forward, Declan thinks customers will be even more in control of sourcing information about products and services than they are today. Which means added focus on inbound and quality content creation.

For Declan, a good night could take place in Manchester or Liverpool. A typical rugby fan, as long as beer’s involved, he’s not that bothered where he ends up.

Factoid alert: Declan doesn’t do quiet nights out. Even if he only takes out cash, he has been known to get a taxi home to pick up his cards so he can end the night in style.

Dan Wilmott - Web Developer

inbound marketing specialists - red-fern media

Having started his love affair with web design at college, Dan pursued his passion at University and now spends every day dabbling in Adobe and wallowing in WordPress. Even with his solid background in all things web, every day’s a school day as Dan constantly researches evolving technology. And, by adapting and applying different techniques, Dan takes Red-Fern’s web designs from standard to stand-out.

Dan looks forward to a future with better browser technology. Which means he’ll get to do even more interesting, useful designs for our clients. The only blot on the horizon is Dan’s nemesis; Internet Explorer. If you catch him with a dreamy look in his eye, he’s probably plotting how to eliminate it from the web.

Outside the office, Dan thinks it’s people, not places, that make for a good life. Which is why he likes to clog up the Krispy-Kreme drive through with his VW comrades. But if you can get him out of his car and into the Northern Quarter he’ll put down his doughnut and happily have a drink with you.

Factoid alert: Dan’s car can touch the ground, which is a good thing apparently.


Now you've met our fabulous bunch of team members here at Red-Fern Media, why not schedule your project connect call to discuss your requirements. Our team are more than happy to help you and your business get on the road to success.

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