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Time for a change? Fear not and take the plunge!

Switching jobs is a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. It can be challenging, scary and the unknown always leaves us feeling a little uneasy doesn’t it? But put that aside. Changing your career pathway can be life-changing and SO rewarding.

Although changing careers can involve a lot of decision making, confidence and determination - it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked. Staying stagnant in the position you’re in is not only holding you back from future growth but it can also be harmful to your mental and physical health. A big part of our lives is our job… So surely, if we have the choice, we should make it a nice place to be?

Do you think it’s time for a change? Are you feeling unsure as to whether a new career is right for you? Don’t worry! In this post, we will outline everything you need to know about the benefits of a career change, our top tips for taking the leap and we’ll also tell you about our current opportunities here at Red-Fern.

We’ll cover

The benefits of a career change

So, although taking the leap into a new career can be daunting - it’s also massively rewarding. From meeting new people to stepping out of your comfort zone, it can offer a lot of positives. 

The average worker in Britain considers changing career a whopping TEN times per year and nearly 20 percent of people are currently thinking about retraining. Does this sound relatable?

But firstly, before we jump into things, we wanted to mention that your happiness, your wellbeing and your mental health are paramount. Always put those first before any change you make. Without your true self, you can’t offer much - it’s the foundation for success.


Developing your skillset

Change always triggers progress and development. For your self-worth, you need to continue to grow as a person and learn new skills. Learning can help you progress in your role and everyday life. If your current position is stagnant, then you can be hopeful that any new opportunity will open the doors to development.

At Red-Fern we prioritise self-development, as the more skilled our workers are, the more we can continue to solve the problems of tomorrow. We set wider organisational goals and individual development goals every quarter. 

We also encourage people to participate in personal development every week and set time aside in their calendar. As a collective, we’re always looking for different resources for learning opportunities whether that’s marketing events, listening to podcasts or HubSpot training courses


Passion unleashed

Sounds a little cringe, but it’s true! If you’ve reached your current limits in a role or you’re wanting to follow that burning desire inside, it might be time for a change of scenery. There’s nothing more empowering than following your passion, proceeding with a career change and then landing in a career that makes you feel valued. 

At Red-Fern, we encourage everyone to be an expert in their field and to honour their skills, worth and development. We value our team.

If they want to learn something new or take lead on a project (within reason) - we let them! If someone has a great idea, we believe that no idea is a bad idea and we encourage everyone to stand up and be honest. Self-worth = growth - so we love it!

Red-Fern Time to Take the Plunge


Mental health will be improved

Mind-numbing assignments with no praise, overworked, no job satisfaction. Yep, for some, unfortunately, this is something you may have experienced before or are currently experiencing now. Believe it or not, having a “poor quality” job - a job you hate - is actually worse for your mental health than having no job at all.

Our mental health and physical health are the foundations of our life. Without the strength mentally and physically, how are we meant to stand up and perform at our best? - it’s impossible. No job is worth your mental health and it’s important to understand the steps you can take forward to ease that pressure and feel confident about the next stages.

On a more positive note, at Red-Fern we encourage check-ins with our team - we understand that we should all have a work-life balance and we are humans, not robots. When we can, our social activities will be stepped up and we will continue to support others. It’s in our company culture to mentor, support and respect others. We’re a lovely bunch!


Tips for taking the leap

We know that any change - whether it's personal or professional can be anxiety-inducing and nerve-wracking but with a few of these tips, you will hopefully leave this post feeling empowered to leap to success!


Focus on the people and then the job

Positive company culture is a bonus but also, it’s vital for working well. If we have good support around us and we feel connected to others we will inevitably continue to work better. 

“Communication – the human connection – is the key to personal and career success”. So if you’re looking at opportunities within different industries or organisations, start connecting with people! 

If you can’t connect in person, jump on LinkedIn and reach out to employees and spark conversation. You’ll soon get a feel for things and see if the connection meets your expectations for the job role. If a recruiter or employer doesn’t reply, you have nothing to lose - if you don’t ask, you don’t get.


Remember the past but focus on the future

The past has helped us grow, learn and understand what we don’t want. The future is what awaits. The more we live in the past, the more we hold ourselves back from the success of the future and the ‘now’. Don’t waste valuable time!

Don’t let past negative experiences hold you back. That happened then, it’s unlikely it’ll happen again. Sometimes, things don’t work out because you’re being guided to something more suited to you. You just have to take that step forward and have a little self-belief.


You can create change - act on it

Feeling fed up with where you are? Change doesn’t always happen on its own. You need to act on it. Think about what it is you want from a new role, understand if you’re financially ready for change and then act on it.

Update your portfolio and CV - align it with the role you want. Network, develop your skills in your own time (whilst bridging this gap), attend virtual events and don’t sit waiting for change to magically happen. You hold the key to change so leverage that power and own it!

It all boils down to you. You do have the courage and strength - it just takes that step forward.


Our current opportunities

We’re always expanding our team. From recruiting avid marketers to creative UX designers and switched on Front-End Developers. We have a lot of opportunities currently available! In fact, we never limit our recruitment. If you think you can add value to our team, just get in touch. Like we said if you don’t ask - you don’t get it!

If you’re starting out in your career and you’re wanting to get a feel for agency life, our apprenticeship program might be a choice for you too. You can learn all areas of the business, you can choose to specialise in one area and you come out of it with a qualification - winning.

We love passionate people, we love people who think beyond the norm and we love anyone who has an interest and energy to thrive in a collaborative space (virtually and in-person). 


Follow your passion 

If you don’t enjoy your current role, you’re looking to follow an existing passion or you’re looking to take the leap in a new direction - don’t let anything hold you back.

The past is behind you, it’s now time to focus on the future! We hope you’re feeling more reassured now and you’re feeling hopeful for the future. With that in mind, if you want to learn more about how we do things at Red-Fern, and how we operate as a team - not robots. Grab your FREE copy of our Red-Fern Guidebook today!

Also, don’t forget… If you want to connect - start a conversation with us on LinkedIn - our team are a friendly lot and we will answer any questions you have.

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