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Training and development: Benefit or a necessity?

Have you applied for a job that puts training and individual development down as a perk of the role? Yeah, we’ve seen it too. Rather than using this as a perk to lure people in, for any business, personal development should be a basic necessity alongside the role being offered. 

If we develop our team, the company will naturally develop too. But what are the perks of this? Why should it be a necessity? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered in this post. We’ll run through some of the advantages of training and development and we’ll also give you an insight into how we prioritise training and development and Red-Fern.

Spoiler alert - we’ve been prioritising it since day one and haven’t seen any disadvantages to putting our employees first.

We’ll cover:

The benefits of training and development

Improved employee performance

If you receive the correct training and support in your role you’ll certainly meet the company's expectations. With training and learning comes confidence and there’s nothing better than having the confidence to succeed. ALL the good vibes will be flowing that’s for sure.


Training and development will give you a greater understanding of your responsibilities within the role, enhancing your confidence and overall improved employee performance. Employees who are on top of changing industry standards help companies hold a position as a leader in their industry. It’s a no brainer - increased confidence, greater ideas as an organisation and wider organisational development. Sounds good to us!

Strengthening weaknesses

Weaknesses aren’t a negative - they’re an opportunity. If you have passion but lack some specific experience or skills, this might be where your company can assist with your journey. Training via a new company can help you align with the brand perfectly. It’s a great chance to strengthen any weaknesses and eliminate any bad practices or habits that have been picked up along your journey.

You’re bound to have some weaknesses but we're all human after all. But once you’ve built those skills and strengthened any existing skills, you’ll be able to pick up work independently. At Red-Fern, agency life is a little hectic so everyone needs to be confident stepping UP when we need it - thanks, team! You’re the best.

Increased productivity and quality standards

If you’re comfortable and confident with your work, you’ll naturally be productive and your standards will be through the roof. It’s been proven here at Red-Fern. If we invest in our employees and make them feel valued, they come up with the greatest ideas.

Employees are a company’s GREATEST asset. With the right confident team in place, the sky’s the limit. With learning and development focused on filling in knowledge gaps, upskilling and learning the problems of tomorrow - your quality standards will continue to please your customers. It’s worth mentioning too, companies can benefit from increased ROI so choosing a company that invests in their employees is essential (14-29  percent increase in profit to be precise). 

Reduced employee turnover

Your happiness is important. According to LinkedIn, 94 percent of employees would stay with a company longer if there was an investment in learning. If your company invests in you, you’ll naturally invest in them. You’ll feel more valued and you won’t get itchy feet to look for a job elsewhere. 

If you find a role that prioritises development as a necessity then it’s a bonus. It’s a green flag to watch out for as they want to prioritise you and your motivation and happiness.

How we invest in our team

Training and development will never be overlooked at Red-Fern. It helps us continue to exceed our digital partner expectations and stand strong in our industry.


From day one, we ensure all employees are aware of the importance of training and development. We want everyone to prioritise this just as much as their existing workload. Because with added skills and increased confidence, they’ll naturally smash their tasks out the park and comfortably meet all expectations.

Training and development should be scheduled within their diaries every week. It’s one of our wider organisational objectives. Sometimes, individuals choose to do this on a Friday afternoon as a way to wide down after a busy week and that way, it gives them a breakaway to develop their creative juices. 

Red-Fern Media David Development

We encourage our employees to check out the HubSpot courses and certifications. We also think it’s beneficial that our team sign up for relevant newsletters to keep on top of industry-related trends and training.

We’re also fans of a good Webinar led by industry experts - we tend to find these on LinkedIn. Our content team have recently watched the Steven Bartlett Webinar ‘Building a Content Empire’. Steven Bartlett is A Sunday Times Best Selling Author, a 28-year-old founder of a $300m business and a podcast host. He’s impressive and certainly inspiring - he’s worth checking out!

1-1’s and individual development plans

We know how important it is to be kept in the loop with how everyone is feeling. That’s why each quarter we ensure every employee has a dedicated 1-1 with their manager. This gives them a chance to have any questions answered but it’s also a time to set goals for the following quarter. 

Development plans give everyone a sense of purpose within the company and it also keeps everyone motivated and focused. Without these plans, how will our employees know their responsibilities? It keeps us winning. It drives us forward and it’s been game-changing for Red-Fern employees.


The benefits of hiring an apprentice will go above and beyond an improved work culture. It’s also a productive and effective way to grow talent, it helps develop a motivated and skilled workforce and of course, you can adapt their training according to the needs of the business. 

They bring a fresh perspective and fresh ideas - so it keeps everyone on their toes. They also provide valuable support and help with any overflowing workloads. We’re grateful for our Digital Marketing Apprentice Aaliah, she’s a valuable addition to our team and we’ve learnt so much from having her on board

Benefit or a necessity?

If you haven’t already guessed it, it’s a necessity and shouldn’t be overlooked

At Red-Fern, we’ll continue to prioritise development and training and we’ll continue to support our employees. Without a strong team, we won’t be able to tick the boxes and we won’t be able to smash out goals. But, we’re well on our way to doing that - GO TEAM RED-FERN!

Think about the ways you can implement the training into your existing daily schedule or how you can look for a job that prioritises it. It shouldn’t be ignored, it’ll help future proof businesses and it will keep everyone on the pulse of their industry. It’s vital and isn’t just a perk, it’s a baseline necessity for any role

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