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Working at a digital agency: How life has changed

While the pandemic has wreaked havoc around the world, we’re well aware that people are sick to death of hearing about it and how it’s affected their business. There’s no escaping it - turning on the television, social distancing in public and conversations over a pint in the pub. With that in mind, this post isn’t going to babble on about the virus and the effects it’s had - don’t worry.

What we will talk about is how agency life has dramatically changed over the past six months and how it’s unlikely that we’ll ever return to what was once seen as normal. It hasn’t been easy - there’s no denying that - but we’re extremely proud of how our team has gone above and beyond to adapt to changes and how we’ll continue to delight our digital partners with a change in approach. 


We’ll cover: 

Communication, communication, communication

Communication is one of the pillars of success - FACT. Especially during troublesome times and periods of uncertainty. If you’re not communicating well, there’s a chance that everyone is singing from a different hymn sheet and projects will be heading in different directions from each channel. This is far from ideal and is a one-way ticket to underwhelming results and failure. 

With this in mind, we’re not saying that before working remotely our communication levels weren’t peaking but it was so much easier to swivel around on your chair and grab one of the team for five minutes. Whereas, when working at home, we’ve needed to ensure that the whole team is communicating exceptionally to deliver successfully on projects. 

matt and dave meeting communication

So, how has this changed agency life for good? Well, communicating and collaborating more in-depth on projects has shown there’s a clear advantage to a meeting of minds. In the past, tasks that would’ve been completed solely have benefitted from having a multitude of expert opinions on them. Therefore, comprehensive team collaboration on more projects and run of the mill deliverables is definitely a mainstay.

Otherwise, ideas can become a little stagnant and tired. This is something we’ll take back into the office with us - when our new home is ready, of course. Not only does collaboration work wonders for the results of partner projects, but it has clear benefits of bringing our close-knit team even closer together too. Seeing what we can achieve as a team is much more rewarding than individual brilliance we’ve found. 


A change in the working week

Probably the biggest change is the framework of the working week. We suspect that it’s not just digital agencies that will benefit from this either. We’ve shown what amazing results and quality can be delivered from working remotely, so it’d be foolish not to grant our team the opportunity to incorporate it into the “new normal.”

We’re not expecting our whole team to be in the office five days a week anymore. Instead, we’re instilling a flexible approach of three days in the office and two from home. Long gone are the days where somebody not being in the office causes a few problems and headaches. The team will still be working just as hard, just from the comforts of their own home and will be easily contactable to contribute to projects.

Mondays will be spent in the office - that way, the full team can have their weekly catch-ups, scrums and project meetings to get ready for the week ahead. From there, it’s up to them! We trust our expert team to manage their own workload and framework to a style that suits them best for the most effective delivery. We’ve found that injecting this level of trust into our team empowers them to get the job done at a high standard - so why not use it to our advantage?

At first, working from home was a little scary. However, we’ve learned that we had nothing to worry about. The tools that we take advantage of play a crucial part in keeping contribution and communication levels high. Striking a balance between working in the office and being productive from home is crucial to getting the best out of each individual member.

Of course, it doesn’t work for everyone - so for the socialites and chatterboxes amongst our team, we’ll see you in the office all day, every day. That’s the beauty of a flexible framework, it can be used exactly how you need it to be to deliver greatness. 


Meetings with digital partners - a hybrid approach

There’s nothing we love more than getting out and seeing our partners, plus, we can’t wait to welcome them to our brand new destination. However, the reality is that not all meetings have to be held face to face for them to be effective. This is something we’ve always realised, but with the restrictions in place, it proved to us that we can achieve a lot over video call and sometimes the trip isn’t necessary for either party.

That’s why we’ll be carrying forward a hybrid approach to client meetings. Of course, kick-off days, Buyer Persona workshops and content planning sessions can’t be done over Zoom as effectively as in person - don’t worry, these aren’t going anywhere. However, for monthly updates and partner introductions to the team, we’ll be carrying these out over video conference. 

alex communication on zoom

A hybrid approach allows us to be more efficient in the way that we operate. Why waste the commute time when the same can be achieved at the click of a button and with an internet connection? It works better for both parties, as the time saved can be reinvested into other areas of the business that may need increased attention. 

We feel, utilising face to face and over the phone meetings is the secret to building a strong and trusting relationship - which is something we prioritise and value with significant importance at Red-Fern. 


Red-Fern Media: An evolving, leading digital agency for a reason

In a time where nothing can be guaranteed from day to day, one certainty is that there’s a reason Red-Fern continues to go from strength to strength. We’re a leading digital agency for a reason - and that’s because our development, design and marketing teams are dedicated to delivering on partner projects with their individual expertise. 

Whatever is thrown their way, they’re there to stand up to it and move past it to deliver the best results. Unlike a lot of businesses in the current climate, we’re experiencing a period of fruitful growth. We’re always on the hunt for fresh talent to join our talented agency. So, does that sound like an opportunity that you simply can’t turn down? Who wouldn’t want to develop their career and take it to the next level by joining us?

If this is an area of interest for you, feel free to download our culture book for a greater insight into our amazing place to work. Or, if you don’t need any more convincing, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and register your interest with us! Contact us today and one of our expert team will be on hand for a chat with you to answer any questions or queries that you might have.

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