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Goals, Plans, Challenges, Timing

If you’re serious about growing your business, you need to understand the position of your business at the present moment.
Below, we've illustrated the questions you need to ask yourself. Deliver honest answers if you want to build the solid foundations required to invest in digital marketing.


What are your business goals?

Start by writing down your business goals — be clear on what the business is trying to achieve.

Think of your business goals as what you would have to achieve to make you happy: things like increasing annual turnover, profitability, or increased lead generation.

Don’t confuse your business goals with objectives like, 'we need to be higher in search engines' or 'we need to redesign our website', as these aren't business goals, they're steps you take to achieve a goal.


Red-Fern will analyse your business goals and align them with a strategic plan.



How does the business reach its goals?

In most cases, businesses don't have a plan when it comes to reaching their business goals. If you do have an idea, it may have holes in it and you may require the experience of a digital marketing agency to help you refine your plan. No matter what position your business is in, you need to define how you'll reach your business goals, for example:

“Your business goal is to increase turnover by 20%, to do this you need to increase lead generation by 200% and convert 20% of those additional leads into paying customers”.

How are you going to achieve this business goal? SEO, pay-per-click advertising, email marketing or another digital marketing technique?

Our marketing team will shape a calculated, complete digital growth plan.


How does your business overcome challenges?

With any digital growth plan, there'll be challenges you face during the process of achieving your business goals. By writing down these challenges and identifying them before you start your marketing plan, you can quickly create solutions for them, for example:

To increase your search engine rankings you need to create content; if your current staffing structure will not allow for this, how do you solve this challenge?


Red-Fern offer all the services required to overcome any digital growth challenges.



When do your business goals need to be accomplished?

After identifying your business goals, creating a plan and having the foresight to overcome any challenges you may experience, you need to assign a timeline against your goals.

Many digital strategies will fail, or not gain traction due to unrealistic or non-specific timelines. If you create a long-term digital marketing plan, this must be broken into smaller milestones which can be measured to ensure targets are being hit.

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