In the competitive world of property development, keeping track of potential buyers, investors, and contractors is key to your success.

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CRM for property development: Level up your business with HubSpot


Choosing the right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool can be your game-changer. It acts as a hub to help you seamlessly track and manage interactions, making sure you meet the needs of everyone involved.

There are plenty of CRM options out there, but finding the one that fits the unique demands of the property development industry can be tough. We believe HubSpot is the perfect CRM for property development businesses in the UK, read on to see why. 

We’ll cover:

Understanding a CRM tool

A CRM tool is designed to help businesses manage their interactions with current and potential clients smoothly. In property development, your clients are your most valuable asset. They create the demand for your projects and keep your business moving forward.

Without effective client management, you risk losing potential sales and missing out on opportunities. 

A CRM puts all client information in one place, so your whole team can access and use this data easily. This consistency is crucial for providing a seamless customer experience, where each interaction feels personalised and informed.

Hubspot: More than just a CRM tool

HubSpot is known for pioneering the Inbound Methodology, which has transformed sales and marketing globally. These days, Inbound Marketing is marketing. It’s all about providing value through an omnichannel content strategy, focusing on attracting, engaging, and delighting clients to build long-term relationships and mutual growth. 

HubSpot’s updated flywheel model places ‘growth’ at the centre, surrounded by the stages of Attract, Engage, and Delight, ensuring a continuous cycle of customer satisfaction and business expansion.

The Flywheel Model includes three key stages:

Attract: Bring in strangers with valuable content and establish your credibility, turning them into prospects.

Engage: Address their needs and provide solutions, converting them into customers.

Delight: Offer exceptional support and experiences, turning customers into promoters for your business. 

A CRM is essential for guiding clients through these stages effectively. Without it, your segmentation and targeting efforts might fall apart, hurting your marketing campaigns.

Useful Features for Property Development and Investment

In property development, delivering the right information at the right time is crucial. HubSpot’s CRM is loaded with features that help you segment your audience and target them with relevant content, ensuring effective communication throughout their journey.


At this stage, potential clients might not know about your projects yet. Your goal is to draw them in with compelling content, like social media ads, blog posts, and videos.

HubSpot’s tools make this easy and specifically beneficial to the UK property market:

SEO Optimisation: Use HubSpot to find and incorporate relevant keywords, boosting your content’s search engine ranking. For example, optimising for phrases like “property development build to rent” and “UK property investment opportunities” can attract potential investors searching for lucrative deals.

CMS and Blogging: HubSpot’s user-friendly CMS helps you create and optimise content effortlessly. Writing blog posts about the UK property market trends, upcoming developments, and investment tips can help position your business as an industry leader.

Social Media Tools: Schedule and manage your social media posts to increase content reach and engagement. Share updates on new property listings, success stories, and market insights to attract prospective buyers and investors.


Here, prospects know about your brand but need more nurturing. HubSpot’s CRM lets you track all touchpoints and personalise their experience, which is particularly helpful for the property sector:

Intent-based Marketing: Being able to track and collate data about your visitors enables you to trigger marketing events or set up custom notifications. For example, offering more information about a case study they’ve viewed with a CTA, or for contacts that have viewed three or more high intent pages, notify sales. 

Email Marketing: Send targeted emails with content tailored to their interests and needs. For example, send detailed brochures of properties, investment guides, and updates on project milestones to keep potential buyers and investors engaged.

Chatbots: Provide custom chat experiences on your website, picking up where previous interactions left off. Chatbots can answer common questions about properties, schedule viewings, and provide instant responses to inquiries, enhancing the user experience.


Once clients are ready to invest or have made a purchase, HubSpot helps you maintain and grow these relationships, which is critical in the property investment sector:

Smart Content: Deliver personalised content that addresses their specific needs, such as maintenance tips or upgrade options. After a purchase, send clients articles on property management, renovation ideas, or market updates to keep them informed and engaged.

Continued Support: Use email marketing and other tools to offer ongoing support, ensuring client satisfaction and loyalty. Regularly check in with clients, provide updates on their property’s value, and offer exclusive investment opportunities to build long-term relationships.

Unique Benefits for the UK Property Market

HubSpot offers several features specifically beneficial to the UK property investment and development sector:

1. Customisable Pipelines for Complex Sales Cycles:

Property transactions often involve long and complex sales cycles. HubSpot allows you to customise your sales pipelines, giving you clear visibility into each stage of the buying process, from initial interest to closing deals.

2. Enhanced Collaboration Tools:

Property development projects require close collaboration between various stakeholders, including architects, contractors, and legal advisors. HubSpot’s collaboration tools, like shared inboxes and task management, ensure that all parties stay aligned and informed.

3. Advanced Reporting and Analytics:

Understanding market trends and campaign performance is crucial for property developers. HubSpot’s advanced reporting and analytics tools help you track key metrics, forecast sales, and make data-driven decisions to optimise your strategies.

4. Marketing Automation:

Automate repetitive tasks and workflows to save time and improve efficiency. HubSpot’s marketing automation capabilities let you nurture leads with targeted content, ensuring timely follow-ups and personalised communication.

5. Integration with Property Management Tools:

HubSpot integrates seamlessly with various property management and real estate software, letting you streamline operations, manage listings, and keep all client information centralised.

6. Event and Webinar Management:

Host virtual tours, investor meetings, and webinars with ease using HubSpot’s event management features. Promote these events to your database and track attendance to follow up effectively.

7. Compliance and Data Security:

With strict data protection regulations in the UK, HubSpot ensures that all client data is managed securely and compliantly. This is crucial for maintaining trust and meeting legal requirements.

Why Choose HubSpot for Your CRM for Property Development?

HubSpot’s comprehensive tools are designed to optimise every stage of your client’s journey, from initial attraction to long-term engagement. For property developers, this means more effective management of contractors, smoother communication with potential buyers, and better overall project success.

Partner with Red-Fern for Your HubSpot Integration

At Red-Fern, we specialise in digital transformations for the property development industry. From custom system development to cutting-edge marketing strategies, we’re equipped to help your business grow. As HubSpot experts, we can fully utilise the CRM to enhance your client relationships and streamline your processes.

Discover how HubSpot can revolutionise your property development business today. Contact us at Red-Fern to get started on your journey towards growth and success.

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