If you’re still using on-premise systems, you’re behind the times and those days are gone.

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5 Advantages of Using SaaS in your Manufacturing Business


If you want to increase team-wide capability, keep your business agile, reduce overhead costs and MORE, you need to be looking to the future. If you don’t, you’ll be left behind whilst your competition swallows you up.

Although it may seem that many manufacturers are at the cutting edge of technology, they aren’t always. One way to stay competitive and ahead of the curve in the manufacturing industry is by adopting Software as a Service (SaaS).

SaaS offers a multitude of benefits for manufacturers. Especially those who utilise its incredible capabilities efficiently. But what are the advantages of SaaS? We’re going to give you a clear cut run-through of the five advantages and why this software is proven to help manufacturers in 2022 and beyond.

We’ll cover:

  • What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?
  • Business flexibility
  • Data security guaranteed
  • Reduced costs
  • Quicker turnaround times
  • Valuable data and insights

What is Software as a Service (SaaS)?

SaaS is what it says in its name. It’s a piece of software that delivers multiple services. The software is hosted on a cloud provider and distributed across the internet. However, in some cases, it can be accessed offline too.

SaaS is different to on-premise systems. It doesn’t work through one single machine. Instead, it’s a subscription-based piece of software and users can access the information and services from ANY location, wherever they are, with a valid internet connection.

Without a doubt, the manufacturing industry is going through a digital revolution. Manufacturers are sourcing different ways to be efficient, time-saving, and innovative. They need to be one step ahead of their competitors to survive and one way of doing this is by using SaaS. It’s now expected that SaaS in the manufacturing industry will grow by 88 percent over the next three to five years.

Digital technologies like SaaS are guaranteed to improve productivity company-wide and increase smarter, data-driven decision making – amongst many other things. The SaaS industry is soaring and it’s estimated to grow by approximately 832 BILLION USD by 2025. This goes to show how enormous the industry is and the unrivalled value it provides across the globe.

Business flexibility

One of the greatest benefits of SaaS for manufacturers has to begin with business flexibility. Over the past few years, manufacturers have had to adopt several different ways of working. SaaS offers guaranteed business flexibility and efficiency.

From the get-go, it’s easier to use than any other on-premise solution. No installation is required and with a click of a button online, you’re ready to go! The idea of SaaS enables businesses to access their software from anywhere. Get visibility into your shop floor or warehouse operations using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop because you’re not stuck with one machine in one location.

Enable your workers to work wherever they are, 24/7 and save time, increase efficiency, and make informed decisions by easily and quickly accessing real-time data.

Most on-premise products require software updates manually, as and when updates are released. This can slow processes down and cause capability issues company-wide. SaaS products are the opposite. Program manufacturers or IT specialists can update ALL users across the system straight away. Whether they’re utilising a control panel, phone or tablet – all systems can be updated. No errors, no processes slowing down, and optimal efficiency is guaranteed.

Business flexibility

Data security guaranteed

You may be wondering if you can access your data wherever you are, is there a security concern to think about? Are you apprehensive about storing sensitive company information on a cloud service? Although having these concerns is completely warranted, we’ll reassure you.

Data security is an important factor that cannot go wrong. With in-house solutions, this is something you’ll be tirelessly trying to keep control of. Since SaaS is hosted in the cloud, it’s protected from any disaster that might occur in the factory or warehouse. In turn, keeping your data secure and ensuring your production continues. You can also allocate who has access to your SaaS platform at any time too.

There are many ways to keep your SaaS data secure including strong passwords, encrypting data, educating customers, backing up user data if needed and more. SaaS is a secure solution, but considerations need to be made and security checks need to be carried out thoroughly before you use the software. These checks don’t take long but will save you time and money in the long run.

Reduced costs

The total cost of SaaS solutions is considerably lower than any traditional on-premise system – FACT. SaaS products are paid for on a subscription model and you’re only entitled to pay for the service for as long as it serves you and your business needs.

No installation is required for SaaS. You can do this all yourself! Not only will you save money for upfront costs, but you’ll also be avoiding expensive hardware and IT support fees. SaaS is easy to use and depending on the provider you choose, they’ll always be on hand to provide support if you need it.

SaaS has the aim of running remotely, so there’s no need for external programs to be downloaded or paid for either. You can do the work that needs doing without any hidden costs along the way.

Quicker turnaround times

Do you wish your manufacturing processes were more streamlined? Do you want more time to focus on the tasks that matter? Then SaaS is the answer! SaaS is enabling manufacturers to quickly implement new software with minimal resources or additional investment.

You don’t need to hire or purchase any new equipment, you can try out different technologies depending on the tasks you need to complete. This may change on a case per case basis, but you’ll always be able to adapt your SaaS solution accordingly. Meaning you can invest in new technology and adaptations when you need it, rather than wasting money upfront because you’re unsure or missing out before you don’t want to invest.

SaaS will also endorse your manufacturing business by allowing you to capitalise and be reactive with emerging technology trends. You can act immediately with SaaS, rather than staggering your investments and reacting months down the line. To be ahead of your competitors, you need to be reactive and innovative.

Saas example

Valuable data and insights

If you’re a manufacturer, optimisation is likely at the top of your priority list. As well as ROI, delighting customers, clients, and more. A contributing factor to this is data. Data is valuable and it can be gathered and generated with ease by using a SaaS solution.

SaaS enables factory owners and manufacturers to gather data at the click of a button wherever they are. Data gives you the advantage of finding how your business is running whilst identifying areas for improvement.

Adopting a data-driven manufacturing approach allows for observing trends in production and labour time. You can identify correct maintenance, quality control issues, and minimise the risk of accidents throughout operations. This is achieved by SaaS intelligence tools – reporting dashboards and key performance tracking.

Data collection with the help of SaaS will create transparency across your entire business. Having data at the end of your fingertips gives your workers the tools and insights they need to work efficiently and actionably from day one.

You can also keep your end customers informed throughout the manufacturing progress. If they need updates and information, they don’t need to wait around – they can have it as soon as possible. This is great news! After all, delighting your customers is always a WIN.

Innovation breeds growth and manufacturers have to innovate to compete with the ever-growing competition. SaaS data will keep you one step ahead and enable you to create new products whilst keeping in mind the impact of design and the quality of the process.

Amongst SaaS, there are many other investments manufacturing businesses NEED to make. Are you wondering what they might be? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

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