Custom Software Development Company in Manchester and the UK

Streamline your workflow, reduce costs, increase production and generate leads

Over 30 years combined experience in the manufacturing industry and delivering bespoke software systems that allow companies to increase efficiency, production and marketing activities.

Red-Fern Media is committed to providing clients with our wealth of understanding and technical knowledge to help develop custom production and CRM systems that will work seamlessly with your whole business growth plan.

If your company has an existing production system, an off-the-shelf CRM, or an existing business with no cohesive production and marketing system, Red-Fern Media can analyse and work with your business to create a custom software system that is specific to your business needs.

To many times we see businesses using off-the-shelf products, that only just cater for their day-to-day business processes and never really allow the business to grow naturally.

By developing custom software it allows the natural growth of your business to dictate how the production and marketing activities should be run, where as off the shelf systems can restrict your businesses natural growth due to unwanted features and restrictive options.


Custom software vs off-the-shelf

There are varying factors invloved when deciding if your business needs to invest in custom software or an off-the-shelf product, on the right we have created a pros and cons list to show you why the investment in a custom software solution will benefit your business and create long term growth.

Why Red-Fern Media?

Our dedicated software development team and business specialists, will visit your premises to appraise what you are trying to acheive for your business.

With a full understanding of your business goals and processes, a strategy will then be created with a full proposal document that will detail how a proposed system will work, which can then be developed into a streamlined working system for your business.

We have specialised experience in creating full systems for manufacturing, engineering and fulfilment businesses. All the systems we’ve built have created efficiencies, cost savings and increased production, whilst at the same time created a cohesive relationship between sales, marketing and production departments.

bespoke software vs off the shelf