The Importance of Marketing Collateral for Branding

As an online brand, digital and marketing solution specialist, Red-Fern Media deliver marketing collateral that enhances your brand and grows your business.

In a world of fast evolving online content creation basic business collateral such as quality business cards, letterhead design and company logo design still matter.

While many digital agencies focus on developing innovative marketing campaigns and websites, many fall short when getting the basics right. At Red Fern, we focus on getting the basics right first.

With 10 years in the business, we look at the big picture before starting any project. We create brilliant websites and well-planned digital marketing strategies. But we believe successful business development starts with integrated marketing materials, supporting your brand from the bottom up.


We See The Bigger Picture

These days, branding is often mistaken as an online marketing process facilitated by social media and other online strategies. However, branding does not exist in a vacuum and a more worldly view is required to harvest success.

It's vital you integrate your online collateral with offline business collateral, such as quality business cards, a good supporting logo design and engaging letterhead.

There's a reason why smart businesses spend millions developing a visual strategy that communicates their business's values. Consistency is key. Aim for visual cohesion with all your marketing collateral.

Maintain a consistent colour palette, typeface, logo size and tone of voice. This builds trust, encouraging customer loyalty and brand buy-in. On the other hand, inconsistent messages and messy visual styling can destroy trust, devaluing brands in an instant.

Good marketing collateral stands out and sticks in the minds of your customers. Strong, consistent branding gives your company a personality that people relate to and trust.


Why Do I Need A Brand?

Your brand conveys the following messages:

  • Communication across all customer and internal messaging, from business cards, letterheads, website and all print collateral
  • Transmits the story of your brand to your customers and staff, so you're reinforcing your vision and key values
  • A representation your brand at every touchpoint, from your shop floor to your website
  • A consistency that ensures your customers feel good about purchasing your product or service, and your staff feel proud to be part of your journey

What if My Branding is Poor?

Any inconsistency in your business collateral can create distrust and deter clients, making them go elsewhere. By developing a consistent brand voice, your customers will keep coming back, so stay true to your brand's values and stand-out from the crowd.

How? Talk to a digital agency like Red-Fern Media.

Talk to us before you develop your marketing collateral and you're giving yourself the strong foundations you need for growth.

Our talented team help businesses from the Manchester and Lancashire area develop their marketing materials, including quality business cards, letterhead design and company logo design.

Of course you could choose to create these marketing materials yourself, but unless you have the experience, we urge you not to. You risk having DIY branding that does not convey professionalism and trust.


We Can Help

Talk to us and we'll make sure your content looks sharp and streamlined while integrating it with your online branding and presence. Never underestimate the importance of marketing collateral.

Get in touch with one of our friendly team today and we'll take your business to the next level.