The Brief

With over 750 staff based on site and around the country, Morson had been looking to procure a digital partner for over three months that could deliver a new internal intranet. The system would not only have to eclipse their existing system and be a smooth transition, but help project their business processes forward for the coming years.

Red-Fern Media were very proud to be chosen to deliver the project, as the whole procurement process included some very talented agencies in the Manchester area.

The initial project needed to deliver an easy to use front end for staff and admins, which would streamline the business processes, document management and company information.

The intranet would be published on a closed private network and hosted on a dedicated server which would have a custom configuration.

Key Features

  • Intranet
  • Business Management System
  • Central Hub
  • News & Event Management
  • Live Document Search
  • Data Management
  • Staff Management & Training Control
  • Expenses System
  • Server Install & Configuration
  • Ongoing Development

The Intranet

With a number of focus meetings and fact finding sessions, Red-Fern Media worked closely with the Morson executive team and set to work on creating the initial wireframe of how the intranet could work using the latest coding technologies and front end user tools. The wireframe would allow the executive team to gain an understanding of how the new intranet would manage the data and day to day processes for the company and it’s staff.

As the project progressed and the wireframe was getting close to approval, the Red-Fern Media development team created additional features and workflow ideas, that the Morson Executive team did not know were possible.

Once the wireframe was approved we started development of the main system, this comprised of a document management system which allowed for fast search and retrieval of over 600 documents and at the same time gives version control and update history for auditing and accountability purposes.

The final project delivered is fully mobile ready and used by all the staff on any type of device, they have full access to all company documents, processes, news and events. The system is built on the latest frameworks and has been built as a bespoke modular system ready for future features to be added as Morsons integrate the new intranet with other internal systems.

Morsons Group

The Future

The Executive Team at Morsons have been so please with the final delivery of the project, there are many new features that are currently in development, such as: Skill's matrix system for staff, Expenses System, Audit Schedule and Discrepancy Tracker.

The long term goal is to use the new intranet as the central hub and data warehouse for all Morson data, documents and processes.

The Red-Fern Media Team have worked on several large corporate intranets now, some of them using existing software and others like the Morson project a complete bespoke build that caters specifically for the companies business processes.

Building a fully custom intranet really does put solid foundations into a company and it’s investment in technology moving forward, by building specific features and workflows Morson are now well positioned to take the turnover from £700 million to the one billion target.

Morsons Group


Redfern Media designed, built and guided us through a successful bespoke intranet solution, it was genuinely refreshing to work with an agency that understood our requirement and challenges from the off and then accommodated our changing needs throughout the project lifecycle whilst still remaining on time and in budget.

The team at Redfern went above and beyond at all times to ensure the intranet solution was nothing less than perfect even adding features that we did not know we needed at the time, every developer took personal pride in the finished product and it shows.

Suffice to say we are delighted with the end product which is now a great asset to our delivery model, we have received nothing but positive feedback from our workforce and clients which has made for excellent engagement and a pain free deployment.
Sam Bowles - Compliance Manager
Morson Group

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