Do you know what your best marketing and sales tool is?

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3 Best Manufacturing Company Websites for Inspiration & Template


We do. It’s your website! Having a thought-led, innovative website is an opportunity to make a great first impression. It helps showcase your brand to your prospective customers and of course, if done properly, it communicates your niche.

It’s important to have a website that houses all of your key information. If you’re starting out or you’re wanting to redesign your website, looking at other brands for inspiration is a great place to start. You can see what works, what doesn’t work and experiment.

In this post, we’ll cover the best (in our opinion) manufacturing company websites for inspiration and we’ll also include a template at the end you can use.

The one thing some of you may find is that keeping things consistent can be tricky. Employees take holidays, other jobs get in the way, and you may not have time to post daily. That’s where a social media toolbelt comes in.

We’ll cover:

Your best marketing tool

It’s pointless engaging in any digital marketing activity and generating leads if you don’t have the perfect website that’s user friendly and informative – that’s a fact.

Let’s put it this way – you wouldn’t buy a home’s worth of expensive furniture if you didn’t have a house to unveil it in. It’s the same with your website, you need a welcoming home to store your riches in. Your website’s design and user interface are the first things someone sees when they visit you, don’t suffer automatic rejection by neglecting them.

What is it you’re wanting to promote and showcase? It could be thousands of products you ship out daily, blogs full of educational content or videos that show customers how to use your product/service.

It’s easy for us to ask this. But trust us, we do understand. We know how tasks can pile up and how meeting the constant demands from customers can be challenging. But updating your website shouldn’t be at the end of your list and it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked.

Updating website

Our favourite websites for inspiration

We have selected four of our favourite websites to use as inspiration, direction and to showcase some of the work we’ve created at Red-Fern. We’ll do a short overview of them all and show you the different outcomes that were achieved. Each client will always be guaranteed expert support, bespoke strategies and idea generation that’s directly related to their goals and visions.

We have a four-step approach to achieving long-term business goals. Each member of our team helps with this process to ensure success is achieved all round. The four stages are Discovery, Strategy, Implementation and Partnership. This is our foundation and from there, we thrive on the results.

On the level

On The Level example

On The Level first got in touch with us when they came across some of our lead generated content. On The Level is a trade wet room supplier and manufacturer. They’re recognised in the construction industry for their bespoke project work and modular expertise for large scale projects. Their work is impressive!

On The Level were keen to develop a long-term digital strategy for a five year period. Through many digital discovery sessions, we worked collectively to achieve a streamlined vision for the future. After consistent development, testing and analysis we then presented the outcome – we love this part.

The final outcome revealed a simplistic and current website design with strategic user journeys applied for the best user experience guaranteed. The website we designed certainly increased On The Level’s exposure and positioned them as a thought-leader in their industry – what a win!

We created immersive videos, detailed SEO focused content with engaging calls-to-action and we’re continually developing ideas and generating the next steps of our partnership. The content from the offset generated many leads which is incredible but totally understandable with the support from our experts.

Beta Solutions

Beta Solutions Example

For over 30 years Beta Solutions Ltd have been the home of heavy-duty industrial cleaning machinery in the UK. They’re specialists in tough, hard-working floor cleaning machines for engineering, fabrication, manufacturing, warehousing, food and beverages industries and much more.

Beta Solutions needed a website that communicated their incredible range of products and positioned them as an expert brand in their industry. With that in mind, we did just that. We analysed their buyer personas, we understood the industries they work in and their requirements and we were polar focused on communicating the USP’s throughout the website.

We also utilised content marketing in the best way possible – a tri-industry Ebook, four monthly blogs, SEO best practices, paid social media advertising and so much more. We used a multi-channel approach to target their buyer personas and answer questions and educate readers.

Their website now showcases the Beta brand, it displays their range of products in an easy to navigate manner and it also communicates the industries they work in. This will not only delight their existing customers but it’ll now attract new customers.

The website displays all the information anyone would need. Just after a few clicks, you’ll be well on your way to understanding who Beta are and what they can offer you. Industrial cleaning can be viewed as a tedious task, but with the help of Beta’s website, it’s easy to understand and you won’t leave their website feeling frustrated that’s for sure.

Andrew Plastics

Andrew Plastics Example

Andrew Plastics Ltd is a respected and well established Plastic Injection Moulding Company, with OVER 75 years worth of experience. They’re experts in their field – it’s obvious. But they needed a website that gained them exposure, communicated their vision and of course, increased customer satisfaction and engagement.

It’s worth noting, the plastic manufacturing industry isn’t the most well documented. Despite how insightful and interesting it can be. So, we wanted to curve the trend and help them stand out. After discovery sessions and communicating with their team and our expert team at Red-Fern, we got to work to make their vision come alive.

Their website now represents everything they stand for. It’s clean, simplistic and easy to navigate. It displays their services, the sectors they work in, their company history and much more. It’s a hub for learning too – with thought-led content marketing, their blog is filled with resources that have SEO best practices applied throughout.

As Andrew Plastic evolves, we evolve with them. Creating content that educates and social media content that generates leads. We’ve covered it all for the best outcome.

How does your site compare?

Now you’ve seen us share some of our favourite websites. What have you seen that these companies do differently? Maybe it’s the bespoke design, the user-friendly interface or maybe it’s their attention to details when it comes to thought-led marketing.

Have you thought about your design, have you thought about how easy your website is to navigate? Or is your website doing well but your marketing isn’t achieving any traction? Well, then it’s time to bite the bullet and explore your next steps.

If you’re worried your website isn’t performing well or it needs a complete overhaul, then look no further. We can offer more than just an overlook. We can offer support from ideation to complete creation.

If you’re looking for a world-leading digital agency that specialises in the manufacturing sector, then you’ve landed in the right place. We ask the right questions, we understand the process and we can help you outline the complete roadmap.

We’ll help you achieve your business, technology and marketing goals too. If you’re unsure of where to start – we can cover that. So there’s no need to worry, you’re one step closer to earning the revenue you deserve and skyrocketing your business.

We’d love to discuss your goals and challenges

We thrive off helping others achieve their goals and ambitions. It’s what keeps us going. With 30 years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we can guarantee we’ll be able to help. If you want to speak to one of our expert team members or you want to explore more of our process, you’re in luck.

Book your discovery call today and get started. In the meantime, you can check out the manufacturing site we’ve created. It covers our industry specialism and some of the successful manufacturing-based projects we’ve had the pleasure of creating. Another inspirational source for you to get stuck into!

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