Established over 30 years ago, Boundary Outlet, formerly Boundary Mill Stores, are a group of leading UK shopping destinations.

Red-Fern was chosen as their digital partner for the coming years to help drive forward the new brand. The approach included a new website, bespoke CRM, and an iOS and Android app. Plus, consultancy on the technology stack required to support their business strategy.

With a goal of reaching a wider age demographic, increasing footfall in the physical stores, marketing the new app and website, plus securing their digital assets for the coming years, the Red-fern team developed and delivered their digital transformation.

The Technology Stack

To develop a solid and long-term digital strategy, Red-Fern initially discussed several approaches to achieve Boundary Outlet’s digital goals.

With an existing database of over 1.4 million customer records and data management processes that required updating, we proposed our vision to the senior management and marketing teams.

Data Management & CRM

Before developing any of the technology, Red-Fern’s team outlined a new data management process and CRM build, allowing Boundary Outlet to take full ownership of their data and marketing activities.

Previously having to contract with external data management companies, the CRM has allowed the team at Boundary Outlet to take control of their 1.4+ million customer records. This, in turn has delivered a long-term cost saving and secured their internal data management and technology for the coming years.

The CRM allows the website, iOS and android App to be fully controlled from one location with multiple administrators and share the same data set.

With instant push notifications, customer record management, data suppressions, matching, importing and exporting, the CRM is now the central Hub to manage the digital assets and data.

iOS & Android Retail App

Focused on the goal of reaching a younger demographic and retaining the loyalty of existing customers, the Boundary Outlet App has delivered a seamless journey for all the target age groups.

The App allows customers to easily sign-up or link the App to their existing privilege family account. Once signed in the customers have instant access to all the in-store promotions and offers.

At checkouts the App allows the till operator to quickly scan the customers unique barcode to redeem the vouchers, whilst capturing all the data required to develop more targeted in-app marketing strategies.

With scheduled push notifications and targeted offers, the new App is perfectly positioned to grow with future data insights and marketing activity.

App Promotion & In-Store Videos

For increased engagement and to promote the App launch, we created this stunning video. It was used in-store across the UK, allowing customers to instantly download the App to their relevant devices and promote through paid social marketing campaigns to the target audience.

Website Design & Development


Integrated with the App and the CRM, the website strategy has positioned the rebrand of Boundary Outlet as one of the UK’s leading shopping destinations.

With a focus on the brands, promotions, in-store restaurants, cafe’s and the ‘Boundary Outlet Privilege Family’, the website is now positioned as a key digital asset to increasing the footfall and promoting the physical stores.

A technology stack delivered for one of the UK’s leading retail outlets


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