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Increase in specific page views

Increase in website speed and optimisation

Increase in leads within the first 3 months

The Brief

As a leading global software development company, Bright’s mission is to produce intelligent software solutions that enables people to achieve more at work.

As part of a global rebranding, online repositioning and digital marketing strategy, Red-Fern were honoured to be welcomed into the Bright family as their chosen digital partner.

Working alongside the internal CMO and marketing team, Red-fern were tasked with utilising all our in-house capabilities to deliver a digital strategy, SEO audit, buyer persona development, detailed user journey’s, website redesign and full HubSpot Integration with continuous development, helping the marketing team to achieve their marketing and business growth goals.

Key Features




The Strategy

Identify the target audience

To align a full project strategy and laser target the user journey’s, website design, navigation and content structure, Red-Fern worked alongside the internal marketing team to develop our ‘Buyer Persona Bible’.

This document details business and personal profiles for the target customers that Bright and their products would be an ideal fit for.

The ‘Buyer Persona Bible’ allows all of the project stakeholders to agree who the project strategy is targeting and lays the path for all the project and marketing campaign assets to be developed with a clear strategy.

Defining the user journey and navigation

After researching, detailing and discussing the existing website data, the Red-Fern team developed an in-depth navigation structure and user journey. This navigation structure allowed all the project stakeholders to understand and discuss the proposed navigation which included the most visited pages, the highest converting pages and pages that had the potential to increase visitors and leads. This process allowed the website to have a clear design and development strategy.


The Design

High-fidelity layouts and wireframes

Based on all the data from the development of the site structure and user journey’s, the next key stage of the project was to develop ‘High-Fidelity Layouts and Wireframes’.

This is the first stage of developing the prototypes for the full website page designs, allowing the content writers and designers to work in partnership, delivering page layouts that give the highest impact for information and lead generation, aligning with the technical SEO and content requirements.


Website Prototypes

Launching a new brand

Working alongside the brand strategist based in Australia, the Red-Fern creative team further developed the brand guidelines into a website that delivered a clear user journey with a clean modern layout and typographical scale.

Increasing targeted visitors and lead generation

One of the key goals to launching a successful website redesign is making sure every page gives the visitor the information they require whilst at the same time trying to nurture them through to becoming a lead.

The design team at Red-Fern developed detailed prototypes for every page of the website before any coding was started. This allowed all the project strategists to discuss why pages are designed with specific layouts and calls-to-action, making sure every page is aligned to achieve the project goals.


Marketing & Technology


Full HubSpot integration

A key consideration for Bright was to take their website fully into the HubSpot CMS and marketing platform to utilise all the technical and marketing tools the platform offers, helping them to achieve and report on their marketing and business growth goals.

As a fully certified HubSpot Gold partner agency, Red-Fern developed and deployed a digital strategy that aligned the user journey’s, layouts, designs, SEO, content strategy, email marketing and social media marketing that would utilise all the core tools HubSpot offers.

Marketing & Growth Partnership

After deploying phase one of the digital strategy Red-Fern and Bright Interactives digital and marketing teams are now working in partnership to continually review and achieve the agreed growth goals.

Making data driven changes to the websites layout and content will ensure that Bright Interactives investment into digital growth is realised over a period of years.



We knew we’d chosen the right Hubspot partner when we met with Redfern. From our early conversations with Sean to where we are now; with a newly launched website and digital strategy in place - we’ve been delighted with their data driven design and persona based approach.

Redfern were responsive, well organised and transparent throughout the entirety of the project which are for us, essential components of any partnership. Not only this, but the insight and expertise demonstrated was invaluable to making the project a success.

We’re now in phase two of our website development strategy and are excited to be partnering up with Redfern again as part of this process! We continue to draw upon their expertise and unparalleled Hubspot knowledge and so thanks to Sean, Alex and the team for all of their continued support.

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