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Established in 2005, CoolKit is a specialist manufacturer of temperature-controlled vehicles. Previously, they’ve been recognised for their constant innovation and industry-leading payload capabilities. It’s no wonder that they’re at the forefront of their industry and can provide bespoke solutions to meet the needs and requirements of a wide-ranging audience.

CoolKit is determined to see their vehicles in use on every high street in the UK - so, they need to elevate their brand image and improve their overall sales journey to help encourage adequate growth to be able to do so. After all, they’re at the head of the industry, it’s about time that they got recognised for being so - right?

As a brand, they operate alongside three core values - to listen, innovate and deliver. These three values can be replicated in their digital assets to ensure that potential and existing customers always receive the best service possible. Listening, innovating and delivering within your marketing (and all other efforts too) is a surefire way to ensure success.

The Partnership

Like Red-Fern, CoolKit is another business that is proud to be located in Burnley, Lancashire. They approached Red-Fern having had previously poor experiences with other agencies and needed a manufacturing specialist to help maximise their growth and aid them in reaching their true potential.

At Red-Fern, we were incredibly excited to get the ball rolling. With the nature of the industry that CoolKit specialises in, we automatically saw the amazing opportunities for incredible results and couldn’t wait to sink our teeth into them. So, like all of our successful digital partnerships, we set about our through Discovery process to understand who CoolKit truly are.

During the Discovery phase, we held several workshops within our events space in our office. We frequently met with CoolKit to ensure that we had a true understanding of their business, the industry that they operate in, their competition and their ideal target audience. Frequent meetings allowed both teams to build a strong working relationship from the off.

CoolKit initially approached us to help improve its marketing efforts. However, the more we learned about them and their current site, we started to uncover some critical errors that were holding the brand back - development and design-wise. As a result of this, we ensured that all errors were rectified and gave the site our close attention to make sure it was in the best place possible.

Throughout the partnership, all key project stakeholders work closely alongside each other - with the addition of a brilliant second agency, We Love Creative. Constant communication and check-ins ensure that we’re all on the same page and pulling in the right direction to ensure that we’re always on the right track to achieve CoolKit’s overall goals and objectives.

The Outcome


CoolKit obtained a full marketing retainer with us. During the first quarter of the retainer, we carried out a lot of key site changes that improved the overall user journey and experience. That way, whenever prospects land on the site, they can navigate around easily and can find exactly what they want - this is exceptionally important when trying to secure custom.

Alongside improving user experience, we’ve also worked hard to improve SEO rankings to increase brand awareness. As we mentioned earlier, we identified some key opportunities that could’ve been improved from the get-go. So, within the first quarter, we focused on these opportunities and have seen major improvements and results.

Of course, supporting the aforementioned factors, we’ve also developed a strong content archive, established a clear brand tone of voice and following on social media, launched many successful PPC campaigns and utilised video marketing too. Overall, we’ve seen great results from month to month and are excited to see the long-term position of the account.

We’re always looking for ways to innovate and improve - of course, in line with their core values. With that in mind, new approaches are trialled, impressive video content and strategic marketing are constantly produced. Therefore, we can continue to deliver promising results and contribute to CoolKit’s overall success.

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