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Kidult and Co started with a purpose; to make children’s clothing that broke the mould. To take a stand against the tide of pink for girls and blue for boys and stand up for the British fashion industry, with a strong emphasis on Made in Britain.

Statement t-shirts are key to their collection, with each range aiming to blur the boundaries between gender specific clothing. Thanks to their monochrome colour scheme they’ve created a fresh and fashionable clothing range that is completely unisex. It’s aimed at you, no matter what your gender or age.

Social Strategy

  • Facebook Advertising
  • Instagram Advertising
  • Content Calendar

Launch Instagram

Launch Facebook

The challenge for Kidult & Co was to ignite brand growth through Social Media Advertising.
Kidult & Co Instagram
We increased Instagram followers by 14,000 within 15 months

The Brief

In 2016 the key growth channels for Kidult & Co were identified as Facebook and Instagram. Both these platforms have recently seen huge uptake and rapid evolution, establishing itself as a powerful force of online advertising spend. Our strategy for the brand centred around 3 core principles:

  • Refining and growing the brand’s audience
  • Raising awareness of the product range on offer
  • Generating revenue

We knew that success would rely on us leveraging the right data and creating genuinely compelling content to ensure people stopped scrolling, and started engaging.

social media strategy
Kidult & Co Social Media


Throughout our journey with Kidult & Co we’ve learnt a huge amount about the audience across both Facebook and Instagram, allowing us to continue to optimise the purchase journey from social to website. Right now we can safely say we’ve found our groove, using tools like Dynamic Product Retargeting to ensure the brand gets maximum bang for their buck – only serving ads to people who are likely to engage with them and take action.

Kidult & Co Social Media

Over 100% Increase in sales from social media advertising in 12 months
Social Media Marketing Results
Website visits from social platforms have doubled within 5 months

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