The Brief

Posh Nailz is a beauty industry leader. They have eight training centres across the UK, a 250+ product range in an online shop and a central North West salon.

They wanted us to help them grow the Posh Nailz brand with a full-scale e-Commerce website that allowed people to book training courses with minimum effort.

After meeting with the Posh Nailz team, we decided that the user journey for booking onto the training courses needed to be simplified.

It was a priority to make it quick and simple, prospective students had to be able to find the course information they wanted and enrol using an online form.

We also had to focus on the online store to ensure fast, secure checkout when buying products online.

Key Features

  • Ecommerce System
  • Training Course Library
  • Content Writing


Posh Nailz

The Website

Posh Nailz needed a new website and digital marketing strategy. The user journey for the old website was poor, and lead generation techniques were not being considered, meaning they weren’t getting the desired results.

For the key focus of improving the training sector of the business, we developed an easy to use enrolment booking form for potential students, creating a seamless user journey.

We migrated existing products from the old website onto the new platform. The new website has a shopping cart, allowing for the purchase of products worldwide.

We also developed a blog to encourage visitors to engage with content and calls-to-action, intending to nurture new students onto Posh Nailz courses.

Posh Nailz
Posh Nailz

Marketing Blueprint

When creating a partnership with Posh Nailz, finding out who their target audience is was crucial. We analysed data and discovered who was already signing up to their courses, and what lead them to that decision as opposed to training with their competitors.

To do this, we conducted a comprehensive business analysis, which consisted of three separate meetings:

  1. SWOT Analysis (to determine strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats for the business)
  2. Gap Analysis (to determine where their processes might need updating to increase efficiency)
  3. Buyer Persona Analysis (Profiling Posh Nailz customers, who are split into three audiences — Training, Salon and Shop)

The Content Strategy

Posh Nailz wanted more course enquiries and needed to give people a reason to sign up.

We decided the best way to do this would be by creating persuasive, educational content — with an enticing call-to-action to secure the conversion.

We created buyer personas, a fictional representation of their ideal customer. These buyer personas would form the foundations of their content strategy, as every content piece would be aimed at them.

We created four separate buyer personas, all with different goals and challenges. After that, we strategised four pieces of content per month, which had a specific goal and keyword attached to them.

We’ve already seen positive progress from Posh Nailz’s content strategy. Here are some key results:

  • 81% increase in organic keywords in the first four months
  • 1048% increase in traffic in the first four months
Posh Nailz

Social Media

Posh Nailz was already well connected with their existing online community. However, the community weren’t engaging with their social media posts, and social branding was outdated and wasn’t synchronising with the website.

Posh Nailz also needed to promote several different sub-brands: PoshTan, PoshLashes and PoshAesthetics.

Research clarified that other competitors get the majority of their business through social media, so the social strategy played a big part in the overall marketing project.

The strategy included organic and paid social to drive traffic to the training and online shop sections of the website, with three main goals:

  1. Increasing course enquiries
  2. Increasing shop sales
  3. Raising brand awareness

In the discovery month, we created branded templates to use on all social media channels, which created a unique and easily recognised brand identity.

Using a combination of paid and organic posting across Facebook and Instagram, we were able to achieve the following results during the first four months of the strategy.

Here are some key Facebook metrics:

Increased Facebook impressions by 44% from 632,048 to 915,259
Increased Facebook Fans by 8% from 5317 to 5721
Increased Facebook Engagements by 9% from 3378 to 3696

Here are some key Instagram metrics:

Increased Instagram followers by 15% from 2171 to 2502
Increased Instagram likes by 42% from 4561 to 6698


Red Fern have been an amazing team to work with. So professional and have met all the deadlines on time. Cant wait to work with them on our next venture.
Clare Kelly
Posh Nailz

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